Gra Geal Mo Chroi (Bright Love of My Heart)
Pronounced "Graw Gal Muh Kree"
Available in yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver.
White and yellow gold shown above.
The ladies band width measures 6.2mm.
The gents band width measures 7.3mm.
Band thickness measures just over 1mm.

Ladies sizes are 4 through 8 1/2 and the gents is available in sizes 9 through 12 1/2.

Between each word is a heart and two new grange symbols.

Item No. Description Cost
wed253 Ladies Sterling Silver $70.00
wed253-10 Ladies 10k yellow gold $645.00
wed253-10w Ladies 10k white gold $645.00
wed253-14w Ladies 14k white gold $995.00
wed253-14 Ladies 14k yellow gold $995.00
wed254 Gents Sterling Silver $75.00
wed254-10 Gents 10k yellow gold $845.00
wed254-10w Gents 10k white gold $845.00
wed254-14w Gents 14k white gold $1295.00
wed254-14 Gents 14k yellow gold $1295.00