celtic wedding rings

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings
This ring will make one's heart skip a beat. The eternal knot that creates
the band is created from a flowing braid.

This handmade band measures approximately 5.2mm for the ladies and 6.5mm for the gents
Available in 10k, 14k and 18k polished gold
The ring's band thickness is 1.5 mm
The ladies is available in sizes 4 through 8 1/2 and the gents is available in sizes 9 through 12 1/2

Item No. Description Cost CODE
2015 Ladies 10 karat yellow gold $491.00 RTLD001YNNU
2016 Ladies 14 karat yellow gold $647.00 RFLD001YNNU
2016-18 Ladies 18 karat yellow gold $922.00 RELD001YNNU
2017 Gents 10 karat yellow gold $544.00 RTGD001YNNU
2018 Gents 14 karat yellow gold $724.00 RFGD001YNNU
2018-18 Gents 18 karat yellow gold $1041.00 REGD001YNNU