Claddagh Celtic Weave Rings
Welcome to the return of love, loyalty and friendship with this handcrafted claddagh
celtic ring. The claddagh and weave are superimposed on the white gold band.

Available in polished 14k, 18k white gold, and platinum.
All white gold band
Ladies band width is approx. 4.5mm
Gents band width is approx. 4.5mm
Ladies ring is available in sizes 4 to 8 1/2
Gents ring is available in sizes 9 to 12 1/2
Also available with diamond chips or emerald chips (one chip in each heart)
Additional image shown below

Item No. Description Cost CODE
T1537 Ladies 14 karat white gold $451.00 RFLD042WNNU
T1538 Ladies 18 karat white gold $625.00 RELD042WNNU
T1535 Ladies Platinum $1996.00 RPLD042WNNU
T1537D Ladies 14k white gold w/diamond chips $451.00 RFLD042WNNUD
T1538D Ladies 18k white gold w/diamond chips $625.00 RELD042WNNUD
T1535D Ladies Platinum w/diamond chips $1996.00 RPLD042WNNUD
T1537E Ladies 14k white gold w/emerald chips $451.00 RFLD042WNNUE
T1538E Ladies 18k white gold w/emerald chips $625.00 RELD042WNNUE
T1535E Ladies Platinum w/emerald chips $1996.00 RPLD042WNNUE
T1539 Gents 14 karat white gold $533.00 RFGD042WNNU
T1539-18 Gents 18 karat white gold $748.00 REGD042WNNU
T1536 Gents Platinum $2434.00 RPGD042WNNU