Claddagh Mo Chroi Ring with Pierced Band
From our cherished celtic collection this claddagh ring is a classic.
Available in 10k, 14k polished yellow gold, 14k white gold, as well as sterling silver.
Gents 14k yellow gold (above left), Ladies 14k white gold (above right)
Below are enlarged images.
Band width measures approximately 11mm from top of heart to base of crown.
Ladies sizes 5 through 8.5 and gents 9 through 11.

Item No. Description Cost
F219 Ladies 10 karat yellow gold $375.00
F219-14 Ladies 14 karat yellow gold $498.00
F219W-14 Ladies 14 karat white gold $498.00
F219S Ladies Sterling Silver $75.00
F218 Gents 10 karat yellow gold $498.00
F218-14 Gents 14 karat yellow gold $640.00
F218W-14 Gents 14 karat white gold $640.00
F218S Gents Sterling Silver $89.00