Heavy Two Toned Pierced Celtic Wedding Ring with Trim

White and yellow gold version featured above.
Band width approximately 10.5mm
Ladies averages 6.8grams
Gents averages 8.65 grams
Ladies sizes 5 to 8 1/2
Gents sizes 9 to 11

Item No. Description Cost
F170 Ladies 14k Two Toned Gold $810.00
F170-18 Ladies 18k Two Toned Gold $900.00
F171 Gents 14k Two Toned Gold $910.00
F171-18 Gents 18k Two Toned Gold $1120.00
F170W Ladies 14k All White Gold $810.00
F170W-18 Ladies 18k All White Gold $900.00
F171W Gents 14k All White Gold $910.00
F171W-18 Gents 18k All White Gold $1120.00
F170P Ladies Platinum $2250.00
F171P Gents Platinum $2650.00