Two Toned Trinity Knot Wedding Ring with Trim

White gold band and yellow gold trim featured above.
All white gold also available.
Band width approximately 8.3mm
Ladies averages 6.8 grams
Gents averages 8.15 grams
Ladies sizes 5 to 8 1/2
Gents sizes 9 to 11

Item No. Description Cost
F164 Ladies 14k Two Toned Gold $780.00
F164-18 Ladies 18k Two Toned Gold $975.00
F165 Gents 14k Two Toned Gold $880.00
F165-18 Gents 18k Two Toned Gold $1040.00
F164Y Ladies 14k All White Gold $780.00
F164Y-18 Ladies 18k All White Gold $975.00
F165Y Gents 14k All White Gold $880.00
F165Y-18 Gents 18k All White Gold $1040.00
F164P Ladies Platinum $1850.00
F165P Gents Platinum $2050.00