Claddagh Celtic Weave Wedding Band
Welcome to the return of craftsmanship and tradition with this handcrafted celtic ring.
Like an Irish storybook love, there is no beginning or end to the celtic knots on this band.
The claddagh and weave are superimposed on the approximately 4.6mm polished yellow
or white gold band.

Ladies ring averages 4.4 grams and the gents 4.6 grams.
The ladies is available in sizes 5 through 8.5 and the gents comes in sizes 9 through 13.

Item No. Description Cost
F124S Ladies Sterling Silver $80.00
F125S Gents Sterling Silver $84.00
F124 Ladies 14 karat yellow gold $540.00
F124-18 Ladies 18 karat yellow gold $695.00
F125 Gents 14 karat yellow gold $590.00
F125-18 Gents 18 karat yellow gold $765.00
F124W Ladies 14 karat white gold $540.00
F124W-18 Ladies 18 karat white gold $695.00
F125W Gents 14 karat white gold $590.00
F125W-18 Gents 18 karat white gold $765.00
F124P Ladies Platinum $1450.00
F125P Gents Platinum $1550.00